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We are a multi-blockchain Validator supporting the Cosmos HUB as an enterprise class Validator, Gravity Bridge & IBC Relayer and Block Explorer provider.


Our Validator Philosophy:

We at SkyNet believe a healthy community of Validators begins with knowledge and understand proper validator architectural best practices. Only with these two key understanding can a validator hope to be secure. Why is this important? It is important because Validators are the core nodes of any blockchain and sign every transaction on the chain.

Our effort is:

First, ensure the security and safety of SkyNet | Validators supported blockchains that we are validating on.  This is achieved through SSH Key Pairs, Firewall Rules, and Ledger Nano X created keys.

Second, educate and support our delegators in a transparent and positive manner.

Third, to support the validator community by sharing the knowledge gained on our path to today.

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